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For over forty years the people at Pumpcrete have dedicated themselves to excellence in the concrete pumping industry. By offering Schwing's leading-edge technology and reliable service, we have been striving to satisfy our customers since 1966. And it's …

Testing pumpability of concrete using Sliding Pipe

Sliper estimations are validated using full-scale pumping measurements. Abstract. The pumping of concrete is an important part of modern construction processes. Irrespective of the immense practical significance of this process, pumping pressure is still being estimated using conventional methods such as the slump test, which has proved

A Review on the Pumping Behavior of Modern Concrete

pumping process, the concrete mix is filled in the pipe and pushed forward by the high pressure. Rossig (1974) pumped colored concrete and observed a paste rich zone at the vicinity of the pipe wall. Jacobsen et al. (2009) prepared colorful concrete for pumping experiment and also observed an enriched mortar area near the wall. A

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant - Portable concrete batch

Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant is fully automatic plant with electronic load cell type, weighs batching system for aggregates, cement, water and additive. The pan mixer suspended with 3 load cells for weighing of aggregate, cement, water and additive. The recipes selection is to be entered and based on the number of batches selected, all operation are carried out fully automatically i. e.

Silent Pumpers: A Comparative Topical Overview of the

The pump is light-weight, fully flexible, and capable of generating sufficient pressures and flow rates of up to 60 L h −1. 85 The system demonstrates that a soft-bodied, self-actuated biomimetic peristaltic pump can be a sufficient alternative for existing technical pumps. Due to its flexible design, the pump can adapt to almost any

Experimental study on residual compressive strength of C40

[Show full abstract] temperatures, the internal fibers of the polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete melted and left a large number of voids in it, thereby deteriorating the mechanical properties

Guide to managing risk in construction: Concrete pumping

Concrete pumping Page 5 of 43 . 1. Introduction . What is concrete pumping? Concrete pumping is the transportation of a freshly mixed batch of concrete via a system of pipes to a specific location on a construction site. Concrete pumping is a widely used process in the construction industry. It can be used to manufacture pre-cast and tilt up

Workability and mechanical property of low grade pumping

The pump concrete prepared by natural coarse aggregate (NCA) was treated as a control group, which was called natural pump concrete (NPC). The experimental results show that the best proportion of RPC, fly ash content, recycled aggregate content, sand rate respectively are 40wt%, 50wt% and 45wt%.

Concrete Pumping Effects on Air-Entrained Voids in

Placing concrete using a concrete pump has placement advantages due to the increased speed, accessibility, and convenience of operation. Unfortunately, the pumping of air-entrained concrete is known to affect the fresh air content in the fresh concrete. This has caused concern about the durability of concrete in environments where the concrete

Experimental Observation on Variation of Rheological

Dec 29, 2018 · The test T7 (548 m) was designed to observe the changes in rheological properties caused by a high-pressure pump (Kwon et al. 2013; Park et al. 2010).At a position 3.6 m far from the pump, the pipe was disassembled, and the concrete was extracted to measure the rheological properties and compare them to the rheological properties before pumping.

Estimate [wl1p8kzoo1lj]

safety & health oficer, whether on full or part time basis assigned on site shall be included in the estimate. 3. health personnel -only the medical and dental practitioners actually assigned in the project shall be included in the cost of safety. truck mixer tandem with pumpcrete use in pouring of heavy foundations. water pumping (a

Rheological behavior and compressive strength of concrete

Download full-text PDF Read full-text. Download full-text PDF. demand of self-compacting concrete and pumpcrete of modern. needs of concrete pumping, since the stress is bound up with the

Interactions between rheological properties and pumping of SCC

By means of full-scale testing, the influence of the fresh (rheological) properties on the pressure required during pumping of SCC were investigated. The results show, in case of SCC, a very large influence of the viscosity on the concrete on the pumping pressures, and as SCC has in general a higher viscosity than ordinary concrete, it requires

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Experimental study on residual compressive strength of C40

[Show full abstract] temperatures, the internal fibers of the polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete melted and left a large number of voids in it, thereby deteriorating the mechanical properties

Pumping of Fresh Concrete: Insights and Challenges

Pumping of fresh concrete is of utmost importance for concrete practice. Required pumping pressures are typically estimated based on design charts. However, with the increased use of chemical admixtures and the development of more flowable concrete mixtures, the …

"Change in Fresh Properties of High-Strength Concrete Due

Pumping of high-strength concrete (HSC) in high-rise or long-span structures is of paramount importance in constructions. However, pumping technology in practice is highly dependent on practical field experience, and full-scale testing that is carried out for complex projects involving new materials or long pumping distances. In this paper, a long pumping circuit was built to study changes in

Viscoelastic Properties of Fresh Cement Paste to Study the

Keywords: concrete pumping, lubrication layer, dynamic oscillatory measurement, viscoelastic. 1. Introduction Concrete pumping involves the flow of a complex fluid under high pressure in a pipe, and thus predicting flow behaviors of concrete pumping is challenging research area. For the characterization and prediction of the flow of con-

Chapter 3 Pavement Patching and Repair

(consisting of Portland Cement Concrete) pavement. It is desirable that the roadway surface provide a safe, smooth driving surface with good skid resistance for the people we serve. Roadway distress such as alligator cracks, pumping, pushing, wheel rutting, raveling, frost heaves, and pot holing are defects that need to be addressed.

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